Our Programs

Statistics have proven that all mass murderers, prior to their crimes against humans, were involved in animal abuse. The UAA recognizes this link and aims to tackle these interrelated problems right at the root.  

The Urban Animal Alliance supports a three-pronged approach to address abuses against children and animals in innercity America. Our dedicated staff work in close collaboration with schools, like-minded organizations, and community groups to halt the spread of these heinous crimes and to create ever-expanding networks that support the compassionate treatment of children and animals. Key programmatic activities of the UAA include:

  • - Advocacy
  • - Education
  • - Community


The UAA is committed to advocating for the rights of children and animals in our communities. These include the rights to be protected from exploitation and abuse and to be treated respectfully and humanely. Working together with supporters, the UAA provides a strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  

Our musical artists and production team create urban songs to spread the word about the extent and nature of these issues. Our hope is that by using entertainment as a means of advocacy, we will reach a critical innercity audience who otherwise may not be exposed to these problems.

The UAA is working with law makers to place the needs of children and animals at the forefront of community development and outreach, and to advocate for a dramatic expansion of laws geared towards these issues.


The implementation efforts of the UAA aim to involve entire communities where various forms of abuse and neglect exist. Strengthening community involvement and ownership is critical to achieving this goal. We participate in community meetings to help address residents' concern about issues such as physical, psychological, and emotional abuse towards children, dog fighting, poor animal care, and the relationship between caring for animals and caring for children. We let community members know what to do and who to contact if they suspect that any of these problems are occurring. Additionally, we provide community leaders and other adults with key messages to share with children in order to spur conversations with them about these problems.


The UAA is one of the few organizations dedicated towards ending cruelty towards children and animals in inner city communities. The UAA brings together committed volunteers and musical artists to visit schools in our communities and conduct educational events as part of our efforts to both increase awareness about the existence of violent acts happening and to increase the compassionate treatment of our communities most vulnerable members.  

The UAA brings rescued animals to schools to demonstrate that violence can be ended in inner city communities through creating companionship with animals. We teach children that by valuing the lives of animals, they are in turn valuing themselves and others.  

Volunteers for the UAA help interested students start after-school programs aimed at addressing problems  specific to their communities. Students are guided by adult volunteers to create events that will both highlight the importance of these issues in their communities and raise funds so that the UAA can continue its work. These after-school programs serve two purposes:

  1. (1) placing children in positions of leadership, thereby empowering them to achieve a sense of self-efficacy and a sense of purpose, and
  2. (2) educating our future generations on the proper treatment of animals, thus working towards breaking the chain of abuse.